Wonder® Smart Control

Wonder Smart Controller

Wonder Smart Controller is a universal controller that was designed and developed by Wonder® Engineering Technologies to meet the increasing process challenges and needs for easy maintenance with below functionalities:

  • Predictive Maintenance for Long Routing Sensors
  • Tank-Site Monitoring
  • User-friendly Batch Controller for truck loading bays


Long routing thermocouples are always the critical temperature instruments in every refining process, like Reactor Multipoint thermocouple assemblies and furnace/heater tube skin thermocouples.

Long lead time and high replacement cost post huge challenges on such critical sensors maintenance. Unfortunately, there is no predictive information available to the operators before the sensors completely failed or losing its signal to the DCS.

Wonder® S30D is a proprietary instrument that was developed to provide predictive information on long routing sensors. The S30D can continuously provide temperature readings and sensor probe characters locally, as well as status indication and historical trends on site.

A technician can easily waive a recordable proximity card on the S30D card reader and download all the required data on the sensors. Analysis, trending and reports can be generated with a Wonder® software for analysis, troubleshooting or records keeping.

Wonder® S30D – Tank Site Indicator

Another function of Wonder® Smart Controller is as a Tank Site Indicator, a significant upgrade from any traditional tank side indicator. Employing the same S30D hardware platform, the module can communication via different protocols with any Tank Gauging system, providing a local indication at the ground level. Instead of a typical tank side indicator, Wonder® S30D can provide local and remote tanks information up to a total of 16 tanks, hence we name it Tank Site Indicator.

  • Local tank indication plus remote tanks, up to 16 tanks
  • With local trending display that instead of typical temperature and level numeric indications
  • Power supply flexibilities (24VDC, 110VAC or 230VAC)
  • Communication compatibility with open protocols like Hart, Modus, Enraf BPM (FSK2)
  • Fully configurable for local any calculation

Wonder® S30D – Batch Controller for Truck/Marine Loading

Wonder® Smart Controller accepts process input signals from and provides process control signals to the common instruments and devices used in liquid batch delivery systems or the Tank Storage Units. S30D can be used for single or multi-stream flow and batch control, include various liquid petrochemical products, LPG, LNG etc., up to 8 configurable recipes, allows to predefined loading control operation, for multiple products quantities or blending ratios. It is designed to deliver single component liquids or to blend up to four liquid components in precise ratios, with or without additive injection.

These instruments and devices include:

  1. Actuator Valve
  2. Filter
  3. Dye Injector
  4. Flow Meter
  5. Temperature Sensor
  6. Flow control valves
  7. Manual Valve
  8. Grounding Clamp
  9. Loading Arm
  10. Overfill probe
  11. Grounding Monitor

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