Reactor Multipoint Thermocouple

Reactor Multipoint
Thermocouple Assembly

Optimal operating conditions vary from process to process and even within processes depending upon variables such as the types of catalysts and internals selected. More than ever, ideal reactor performance is achieved within specific temperature ranges. Accurate and Reliable Temperature measurement (Reactor Multipoint) is the most critical factor to ensure profitable operation.

Based on Wonder®'s extensive experience in the reactor multipoint thermocouple technologies, we recommend the use of repair-free multipoint thermocouple assembly from the very beginning.

False impressions on field repairable and replaceable multipoint thermometry is a common finding in the industry. We regard field repair impractical, hence stressing on having reliable thermometry from the outset.

Regarding on-site repair of a reactor multipoint thermocouple assembly, always ask:

  • Who can provide assurance that its repairable?
  • Who is qualified to repair?
  • What is the calibration standard/process post repair?
  • Reliability of a repaired unit?
  • The cost of repair versus new purchase?
  • Any proven track record of a successful repair?

Talk to Wonder® Engineering Technologies, we will share our experience on field repairs and recommend a true solution for your reactors.

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