Wonder® Engineering Technologies Ltd is a professional team who provide state-of-the-art technologies, reliable fit-for-purpose solutions and excellent service consistently to our clients. Focusing on critical temperature measurement applications with innovative solutions in Asia, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan & Thailand, we serve the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries in the region.

We are an ISO 9001 certified engineering & technology-based Solution and Service Provider, equipped with ‘Best-in Class’ temperature monitoring instruments and experience, specializes in developing different measurement solutions for challenging processes:

  • Sulphur Recovery Units [SRU]
  • Gasification Units [Gasifier]
  • Flare Monitoring
  • Reformer Heaters Thermal Imaging System
  • Reactor Multipoint Thermocouple Assembly
  • Furnace Tube Skin Temperature


We work with top notch suppliers and partners to ensure we deliver the most reliable solutions. Our technology partners include leading instrument manufacturers in different refining processes:

  • LumaSense Technologies, USA – E2T Pyrometer and Flare Stack monitoring system
  • Delta Controls Corporation, USA – HTX Thermocouple for Acid Gas and SRU Claus Furnaces
  • Syntemp Thermocouples, USA – Gasifier Thermocouples
  • Daily Thermetrics, USA – Reactor Multipoint thermometry system – Repair free

The technology leadership of Wonder Engineering Technologies, coupled with process application expertise, is driving our growth to become a regional leader in instrumentation solution provider in Asian Oil&Gas industry. Wonder® is a registered Instrument and Service Brand in Singapore. Should you need any support, please contact Wonder® at support@wonder.com.sg