Flare/ Pilot Monitoring

Flare/ Pilot Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of pilot flames and flared gases is critical to ensure that the gases will be ignited and to confirm compliance with government-set pilot status recording requirements.

Thermocouple failure, flame movement, varying luminosity and adverse climatic conditions are just a few of the obstacles which have to be overcome to gain long-term monitoring reliability without false alarms.

FlareSpection thermal imaging system designed to provide the clearest image monitoring of flare tips, which provides clear images of the flare tip for pilot monitoring of multiple pilots and flare tips with a single camera system. Regional points of interest can be manually input by the operator and alarms assigned and linked to relays.

The system can be deployed into either a full thermal imaging system or a single unit of flare detector with a 4mA & 20mA input. It is a remote installation can be easily maintained online.

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