Heater Tube Skin Thermocouples

Heater Tube Skin Thermocouples

Proper tube skin thermocouple installation is paramount in ensuring the success of an application. There is no universal tube skin thermocouple design that may fit all furnaces. Wonder® tube skin thermocouple installation is a result of paying careful attention to design details:

  • Measurement locations
  • Sheath routings
  • Expansion loops
  • Process connections
  • Metallurgy & Corrosion
  • Heat Expansion

With our extensive site experience in South East Asia and China, we provide a one-stop full design, supply and installation of the tube skin thermocouple solutions. Contact Wonder® Engineering Technologies today and we will show you how it's done!

Vessel Skin Temperature Monitoring

Historically, identifying reliable methods to increase vessel skin temperature monitoring without increased risk to the integrity of the vessel (most commonly the avoidance of welding sensors directly to the vessel's surface) have been challenging. Attempts have been made to avoid welding to the vessel's while still accurately measuring surface temperature, but each option has proven to contain significant drawbacks.

A success design and installation need to meet these three criteria:

  • Avoid welding to vessel surface post vessel fabrication
  • Simplify replacement of sensor as required
  • Achieve direct surface temperature contact

With working with the lead manufacturers, we supply proprietary design plus customized skin thermocouples that allow for effortless re-placement of the sheathed sensors without the need to remove vessel insulation or hot-work.

Our solutions:

  • Ski-slope type thermocouples
  • Banded type thermocouples
  • Magnetic type thermocouples
  • Customized thermocouples

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